Housing and Social Justice

Part of our role as a provider of affordable housing on the Eastside is to use our platform, guided by our mission, vision and values, to educate ourselves and others about racial injustice; so we can engage in anti-racist work to support equitable outcomes for the black lives at our communities and everywhere.

Housing Justice is a Social Justice Issue

Median Black and Hispanic households find fewer areas affordable to them in King County.

Cost burden is unevenly distributed among King County residents based on income, race and ethnicity, housing tenure (whether they own or rent), and age.

In King County…

  • 7% of residents identify as black
  • Of those, 72% are renters and 1 in 11 have been evicted
  • 66% identify as white
  • Of those, 37% are renters, 1 in 100 have been evicted

During COVID-19…

  • 42% of black households have been unable to pay rent compared to 8% of white households.

We can’t do this work without you and your commitment to be anti-racist.

Resources to Learn More about Anti-Racism