Imagine Housing works closely with public funders from state and local jurisdictions that help build affordable housing. We advocate for public policies and funding that support the development of affordable housing and the residents who live there.

We know that we can’t solve the affordable housing crisis on our own. There are many intersecting systems and policies that contribute to a shortage of housing. Imagine Housing works with partners, elected officials, and community members to call for more inclusive policies and adequate funding for housing. We often lead community conversations about housing and strive to promote evidence-based policies and programs, like Housing First and Harm Reduction.

What we advocate for:

  • Increased State and local funding for affordable housing
  • A dedicated Eastside funding source
  • Eliminating barriers to housing, such as Source of Income discrimination
  • Increased awareness and understanding of housing issues and barriers to housing
  • Smart and inclusive zoning policies

Are you interested in advocating for affordable homes? We have lots of opportunities and resources:

  • Join our advocate volunteer base: Be available to respond to action alerts such as calling or emailing your elected officials, signing a petition, or attending a council meeting. Sign up on our volunteer page
  • Stay informed: Subscribe to our e-mail list and follow us on social media.
  • Speak at your local City Council meeting, and let them know that you encourage an increased investment and prioritization of affordable housing
  • Check out our Learn More About Affordable Housing page
  • Visit our partners at Housing Development Consortium and see what opportunities there are right now in your city