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December 22, 2020 by Imagine Housing

Welcome to the Imagine Housing Blog

Welcome to the Imagine Housing Blog! You might be wondering why we’re launching a blog right now.

We’ve recently realized that we can’t put everything we want into our monthly newsletter, The Blueprint. We often share stories on social media that we don’t have space for in the newsletter. We know that not everyone has social media or sees the updates we post. This blog will be a space where we can easily share information and news with everyone who makes affordable housing possible on the Eastside.

You’ll see guest posts from other Imagine Housing staff members, such as our Case Managers who work with the residents who call Imagine Housing communities home. You’ll see stories of struggle and hope, stories that bring you a smile, and you’ll see messages from us about how to advocate in the world of affordable housing. We hope you will check back often to see what’s new with Imagine Housing.

If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see on this blog, please email community@imaginehousing.org.