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January 3, 2021 by Imagine Housing

Renay and her Family Plan for the Future Thanks to Affordable Housing

Originally published Oct. 2, 2020

We sat down with Renay, Ron, Angel, and Achilles to hear their powerful story about coming from homelessness to moving into their home at Terrace Hill.

The love this family has for each other and their community leaves you feeling full. After Ron lost his job during COVID-19, affordable housing provided them with the necessary stability and support needed to weather this storm so they can positively look to the future. Angel is headed to college as a first generation student next year and Achilles started high school and looks forward to playing basketball again.

Despite experiencing homelessness and financial hardship from COVID-19, affordable housing allows them to continue to plan for the future – to raise their kids, send them to college, be involved in their community, and give back.