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June 5, 2023 by Imagine Housing

Promoting Health, Equity, Imagine Housing Shifts to 32-hour Work Week


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“Investing in our staff multiplies our capacity to support our residents”

Bellevue, Wash. (June 5, 2023)— Imagine Housing, the largest non-profit provider of affordable housing on the Eastside, has announced it is implementing a 32-hour work week. This forward-looking measure seeks to ensure health, equity and a work-life balance for staff across the organization and who are working on the front line of one of the defining challenges of our region: the affordable housing shortage.

“Each member of the Imagine Housing staff is a valuable asset and plays a critical role in developing affordable housing and building vibrant, welcoming communities on the Eastside. Investing in our staff multiplies our capacity to support our residents,” said Yi Zhao, executive director of Imagine Housing. “The dedicated professionals in the human services sector deserve greater support and we saw a clear opportunity to lead the way. We anticipate that the outcomes will be invaluable: an energized, efficient, empowered and motivated workforce.”

Imagine Housing’s shift to the 32-hour work week is keeping in step with studies that demonstrate the many benefits of working fewer hours such as increased productivity, performance, engagement and recruitment, as well as improved staff wellbeing.

“It is the right and best thing to do to support our colleagues across the organization,” said Eunice Springs, Imagine Housing’s director of People and Culture.

Imagine Housing will be launching a 12-month pilot in June, using the “100-80-100” model. Staff receive 100% of their pay, working 80% of their time, in exchange for maintaining 100% of their productivity.

“We need to get serious—and innovative—if we want to ensure we can retain the much-needed professionals in the human resources sector,” Zhao added. “Moving to a 32-hour work week offers many benefits to our staff and to the 1,400 residents who have found a home with Imagine Housing.”


About Imagine Housing:
Imagine Housing is the only Eastside-based non-profit provider of affordable housing with the mission to develop affordable housing, build welcoming communities, and foster vibrant futures. Imagine Housing’s vision is an Eastside with interconnected and welcoming communities where all people can live, learn, work and play.  Imagine Housing provides safe, permanently affordable housing to 1,400 people, along with case management and supportive services to help them thrive.

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