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If you are currently homeless and looking for housing, please call 211 to connect with Coordinated Entry for All

Understanding our placement process

Step 1. Determine your eligibility by using the income qualification calculator

Step 2. Find properties you qualify for on the Our Communities page

Step 3. Contact property manager to inquire about availability

Determine Eligibility


Use the below income calculator as a pre-qualification income eligibility tool. Only use gross income. If you have questions, please call or email the manager at the property you are interested in.

Eligibility Results
Select your household size and income range and press calculate to see your results.

Based on your income of and people in your household, your income is at of the median income for King County ($96,000).

This places you in the 30 - income requirement range.

Review our communities to see what properties you qualify for based on your income. To inquire about availability at those properties, contact the propery manager.


To inquire about an apartment at any of our communities, please contact the property manager for the building(s) you are interested in.

Imagine Housing does not process applications through our main office. Our application process is handled by a professional property management company, FPI Management.

Please note: we do not accept reusable tenant screening reports.