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January 3, 2021 by Imagine Housing

Meet Kevin

Originally published Oct. 2, 2020

When you ask Kevin what he wants people to know about him, he says, “It’s important to have hope and share it.”

Kevin’s apartment at 30Bellevue is the first home that has had his name on the lease in over 30 years. A battle with drug addiction and struggles with his mental health created a cycle of incarceration and homelessness. Kevin says that support from many sources changed Kevin’s life and a series of little miracles brought him to 30Bellevue.

After a friend offered to send him to school, he received a scholarship from WorkSource so he could return to school. He’s pursuing a Master’s in Psychology and the proud holder of a 3.76 GPA at Bellevue College. His goal is to work as a chemical dependency counselor in Employee Assistance Treatment Program. He also credits support from his caseworker with the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program, as well as support from Sally, his Imagine Housing Case Manager at 30Bellevue—among others—as the reason for his stability and success.

He says it feels very good to be able to come home and put your head on the same pillow you woke from that morning. “Every step I’ve made that is helping my life evolve into a wholesome one has brought a lot of happy tears, and it’s all because so many people had a sincere interest in my success.”

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