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January 2, 2021 by Imagine Housing

Meet Alex & Ana

Imagine Housing’s mission is to develop affordable housing, build welcoming communities, and foster vibrant futures. A vibrant future is different for each individual, and we love to share their stories of success with you.

Here is one you may already be familiar with. Army veteran Alex and his fiancee Ana are so excited to be in their new apartment in Velocity. You may remember Alex and Ana from the 2019 gala video.

Alex spoke about being severely wounded during his second deployment to Iraq, which resulted in him spending 18 months in the hospital healing. While recovering, he was also coping with depression and financial uncertainty at home. After release from the hospital, he had no other option but to live out of his car, in a tent, and then later in a homeless shelter.

While seeking a place to live, he and his fiancée, Ana, found a home at Andrew’s Glen, an Imagine Housing community. Andrew’s Glen has transition apartments specifically reserved for veterans rebuilding their lives, with dedicated case managers on-site who are there to help the veteran work toward stability and health.

Now a successful graduate of Andrew’s Glen program, Alex and Ana have just moved to a permanent apartment at our beautiful Velocity community in Kirkland. They love the rooftop garden at Velocity and exploring the local Kirkland trails with their dogs and getting to know their new neighborhood.

Congratulations and welcome home, Alex & Ana! We are looking forward to your continued good future with Imagine Housing.

“Having a cushion of a network like Imagine Housing kept us from going back into that same loop. I actually feel like this is one of the best support systems I’ve had since I was a kid. Long-term goals become a lot easier when you got a place that you know is stable. It gives us a chance to feel normal again, and a part of the community.”

Originally published May 12, 2019

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