Our Team

Imagine Housing Main Office
10604 NE 38th Place, Suite 215
Kirkland, WA 98033

Phone: 425.576.5190
TTY: 1.800.833.6388

Email: info@imaginehousing.org

If you are interested in finding an apartment, contact the property manager directly.

Imagine Housing does not accept applications at our main office.

Our Communities

Villette Nolon

President & CEO villetten@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x16

Sue Bliven

Director of Finance sueb@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x18

Marsha Bukofzer

Director of Fund Development marshab@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x22

Derek Delvalle

Director of Supportive Services derekd@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x20

Troy A. Drawz

Director of Real Estate Development troyd@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x19

David Shuster

Director of Social Impact Investing davids@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x12

Rick Toney

Director of Asset Management and Operations rickt@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x25

Hester Winn

Office Manager/Human Resources hesterw@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x10

Sidonie Harkness

Asset Manager sidonieh@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x26

Kathryn Jacoby

Community Engagement Coordinator kathrynj@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x17

Kathleen Banks

Fund Development Administrator kathleenb@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x23

Allen Dauterman

Senior Real Estate Developer allend@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x32

Megan Adams

Senior Real Estate Developer megana@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x21

Meghan Thompson

Resident Support Supervisor-Francis Village meghant@imaginehousing.org 425.576.1777

Eunice Gonzaga

Resident Support Supervisor-Andrew’s Glen euniceg@imaginehousing.org

Azana Washington

Veteran's Case Manager azanaw@imaginehousing.org 425.373.1002

Nellie Fishburn

Resident Support Specialist nellief@imaginehousing.org 425.499.4004

Melanie Sainz

Resident Support Specialist melanies@imaginehousing.org 425.209.8474

Brian Love

Resident Support Specialist brianl@imaginehousing.org 425.373.1001

Homeyra Arvan

Accountant homeyraa@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x13

Svetlana Sundeeva

Accountant svetlanas@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x15