Our Team

Imagine Housing Main Office 10604 NE 38th Place, Suite 215 Kirkland, WA 98033 Phone: 425.576.5190 TTY: 1.800.833.6388 Email: info@imaginehousing.org

If you are interested in joining our team, check our open job listings on our Careers page

If you are interested in finding an apartment, contact the property manager directly.

Imagine Housing does not accept rental applications at our main office.


Villette Nolon

President & CEO villetten@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x16

Sue Bliven

Director of Finance sueb@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x18

Marsha Bukofzer

Director of Donor Engagement marshab@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x22

Troy A. Drawz

Director of Redevelopment troyd@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x19

David Shuster

Director of Social Impact Investing & Business Development davids@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x12

Rick Toney

Director of Asset Management and Operations rickt@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x25

Hester Winn

Office Manager/Human Resources hesterw@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x10

Marcus Binion

Asset Manager marcusb@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x26

Aubrey White

Donor Engagement Associate aubreyw@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x23

Jen Boone

Community Engagement Coordinator jenb@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x17

Lynn Hoyos

Event Coordinator lynnh@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x14

Allen Dauterman

Senior Real Estate Developer allend@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x32

Megan Adams

Real Estate Development Manager megana@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x21

Homeyra Arvan

Accountant homeyraa@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x13

Svetlana Sundeeva

Accountant svetlanas@imaginehousing.org 425.576.5190 x15

Eunice Gonzaga

Supportive Services Manager euniceg@imaginehousing.org

Nellie Fishburn

Case Manager Supervisor nellief@imaginehousing.org 425.636.8538

Sally Ongaro

Case Manager Supervisor sallyo@imaginehousing.org 425.298.4551

Sara Petruska

Case Manager Supervisor sarap@imaginehousing.org 425.209.8474

Murray Jacobs

Veterans Case Manager murrayj@imaginehousing.org