You make stronger communities and housing stability possible.

In 2020, philanthropic donations and your support made the following possible


Over 21,500

basic needs items like formula, diapers, medicine and cleaning supplies



case management direct service hours provided to residents needing assistance
(a 66% increase over 2019).


Almost 3,400
volunteer hours

of service bringing meals to residents, sorting child-care supplies, and participating in housing advocacy


12,503 meals

and 2,066 pounds of
fresh produce



in rental assistance funds for residents affected by


1 new community

in pre-development:
Samma Senior Apartments
in Bothell, which will break ground in 2022.



639 affordable apartments

in Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Mercer Island and Redmond.

1,391 individuals

with a safe and supportive place to call home;

our residents include



244 people living
with disabilities

272 senior


of residents identify as


(Black, Indigenous, or People of Color)

At least

14 preferred languages

are spoken at our communities


of Imagine Housing households annually earn less than $20,000 and 32% earn less than $10,000.



of our residents have directly exited homelessness when
they move in.

We are grateful to all of our supporters during 2020

Thank you for working together with us today to create a better future tomorrow. Together with leaders in the community, like you, we are able to better serve Imagine Housing residents, preserve affordable housing and create more accessible housing opportunities for low-income individuals on the Eastside.


Annual donations received from individuals, foundations and corporations are catalytic because they provide Imagine Housing with the resources to best serve our residents while effectively preserving and expanding permanent affordable housing all at once.


Grace Lutheran Church
City of Bellevue
Richard Swaisgood
Premera Blue Cross
United Way of King County


City of Kirkland
Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company
Microsoft Philanthropies
Symetra Financial
City of Issaquah
Carolynn and Hal Ferris
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Karina O’Malley


King County Office of Equity and Social Justice
The Norcliffe Foundation
The Holley Family Charitable Fund
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Puget Sound Energy
The Seattle Foundation
Joan McBride and Margaret Meister
Walsh Construction
Darel and Scott Harrison
Anonymous Anonymous
Patricia Atkinson
Dan and Darcy Johnson
Costco Wholesale – Community Relations


US Bank Foundation
Michael and Barbara Schneider
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
Villette Nolon and Steve Cissell
Todd and Sara Carmichael
Clare and Robert Moe
Nordstrom – Corporate Contributions
Jean-Emile and Malinda Elien
Washington Federal
Jones Lang LeSalle America, Inc. (JLL)
Saint Andrew’s Lutheran Church
Ellen O’Hara
Hayes Family Fund
Tina J. Rogers
Bill and Irene Kearns
MarsJewett Financial Group
Mary Pigott
Raymond James Tax Credit Funds, Inc.
Washington Federal Foundation
InFaith Community Foundation
Windermere Foundation
Joan Eklof
Snoqualmie Indian Tribe
Patrick and Barb McDermott
CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA)
Sellen Construction
Maureen Stone
SMR Architects


Apex Leadership
John and Patty Clearman
Sterling and Nadine Bentsen
Bill and Kathy Brueggemann
Scott and Mary Kay Ausenhus
Heidi Drivdahl and Patrick Clark
Bednarski-Johnson Family Fund
Doug and Stacey Waddell
John and Judy Gowdy
Mark and Nancy Davis
Scott and Kim Jewett
Steve and Charlotte Roberts
Danielle and David Holmes
Mitra and Sahba Mohandessi
Catherine Hayes
Anthony Ambrose
Kevin and Jean Kilbane
Jan Clausen
Eric and Denise Campbell
Housing Development Consortium (HDC)
Allied Residential
BRIDGE Housing
Crissa Cugini
Patriot Fire Protection
Kantor Taylor PC
Tom Lindquist
Holland Partner Group
Ginger and Shawn Plaster
Wes and Emilee Telyea


Susan Hori
Gary and Cynthia Brog
James and Anne Packard
Jill and Ben Sharpe
Kurt and Teresa Lutterman
Matthew Tuell
Thomas and Linda Krippaehne
Linda Glenicki
Dan and Joann Wilson
Michael Nesteroff and Kimm Viebrock
Susan and Paul Bradley
Jon and Amy Hall
Bellevue Rotary
School’s Out Washington
Susan and Arthur Goldman Charitable Fund
Tom and Cynthia Captain
Jeffrey Churchill and An Tran
Barbara and Matthew LePage
JM Corp & Son Inc.
Tracy Wort
Kay and Jay Marsh
Jen and Keith Olson
Sue and Brett Bentsen
Michal and Margaret Makar
Thomas Beeks
Rick and Colleen Robertson
Linda and John Gilham
Randy and Melanie Serroels
Eunice Springs
Liz Merker
Brian and Sylvia Lindgren
Kathleen and Lane Bockman
Ted and Linda Johnson
Ruben Rivera-Jackman and Nick Jackman
Justin Stewart and Brittany King
Chad Bentsen and Kristen Allen-Bentsen
Dean and Shirley Hobson
Larry and Shelly Abner
Latitude 48
Tom and Nancy Brown
Clare Haugen
The Motiv Group
DCI Engineers
Venture General Contracting LLC
Andrew Pardoe
Kristen Jensen
Sue and Andrew Bliven
Aimee Voelz
Dennis and Lisa Maples
Dorothy Nowik
Rich Whitehill
Linda and Bob Benson
Jim and Kathy Long
Kirk and Amy Myhre
Joanna and Garrett Guiler
Stuart Williams
Anna Williams and Galyn Wentz
Chris Padin
Graham and Peggy Crow
Bill Dougherty
Jacqueline Sehn and Steven Malek
John and Laura Smiley
Jeannine and Ron Bailey
Marc Victor
Ralph Allen
Lynn and Jerry Mack
John and Joyce Nelson
Douglas and Marjorie Rogers
Erich Behrens
Tim Burner and Cami Gearhart
Jenny and Ryan Moshea
Susan Riese
Tommie Brooks
Jody and David Kris
Glen and Lauree Scheiber
Master Builders’ Association
Conrad Ball and Ulrike Quensel
Hudson Bay Insulation
The M.D. and Rebecca R. Dudley Family Fund
John and Susan Ebel
Quantum Residential
Todd Hinnen
Paul Hoglund
Margaret Hopkins
Rustan Leino Foundation (Donor-Advised Fund)
Paul and Carol Lwali
Propel Insurance
HomeStreet Bank
Tamera and Thomas Parker
Kelly Stahl


Keith and Stacey Clear
Sara Green
Annette and Dan Bond
Karin Evensta
Tim and Jennifer Morley
Microsoft Alumni Network
Ray and Sherry Stafford
Bob and Barbara Giles
Patrick and Stacy Herriman
Sally Nguyen
Dona Golden
Carolyn Carpenter
Brad and Karen Dennis
Elizabeth Watson
Mary Lou and Karl Pauly
Mary Benckert Reis and Arthur Reis
Poppi Handy and Brent Chastain
Emerald Erickson-Mulanax
Jacquelyn Wandler
Lynn Hoyos
Matt and Aubrey White
David James
Dean and Trudy Holly
Debi Miller Murphy and Michael Murphy
Rebecca Shorrock and Brian Benson
Laurence and Joan Trollen
Anne and Derek Watanabe
Chris Forster
Steve and Wendy Cole
Evelyn Zabo
Charles Domingue
Joshua Gibson
Chris Ascani
Bridgett Davis
Marlene and Robert Gillingham
Alexander Rosenblum
Sheri Mellquest
Joseph Rasmussen
David Schooler and Kristen Webb-Schooler
Frank and Karin Spicer
Eastside Community Aid Thrift Shop
Ali Akgun
Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
Skip and Kathy Eglet
Susan Evans
David and Karen Gentsch
Howard and Judy Johnson
Alvin and Julie Loh
Mollie Means
Gary A. Morean
The Rhoville Fund
Rachel and Jack Waite
Colleen Williams
Fred and Judy Williams
Marcy and Mike Nicol
Jillian Andvik
Puget Sound Energy Foundation
Michelle Locke
Tory Laughlin Taylor and Andy Taylor
Robert and Gail Cranmer
James and Nancy McEachran
Amy and Steve Jankowiak
All Saints Episcopal Church
Oswald and Rayma Norton
Radim Blazej
Eva and Horst Mader
David DeVisser
Dahlin Group Architecture Planning
National Charity League
Alexandra Baiz and Daniel Beard
Tim Mather
John and Cherie Grant
Robert Leonard
Michele Vossler
Steve and Kathy Dennis
Kodiac Gamble
Haley Cohen
Debbie Brown
Laird Laabs
Norman and Gladys Anderson
Todd and Stacy Dunlap
Ann Osterberg
Marina Ryan
John C. Talley
Jacquie Taylor
Harrington Real Estate
Sarah Cecil
D. Lynette Jones
James F Craig
Melissa West
Preeyel Dalal
Mitchell and Ashley Belcher
Rip and Lisa Johnson
Cynthia Kaczynski
Taryn Vis
Scot Weeks
Jeffrey Green
Graham McReynolds
Kristine and Patrick Wilson
Lea Aemisegger
HP, Inc. Giving Program
Michael and Yella Appleby Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Lisa Booth
David Bowling and Kerry Dirk
Elise Embury
James Meade
Taraneh Mohandessi
Joan Monicatti
Michael Mulroy
Trinity Parker
Gary Prince and Meg Goldman
Steve and Teresa Serex
Kendra Yvonne Steiner
Dan Watson and Lynne Robinson
Roberta Shorrock
Kris and Chris Colyer
Lynne Houserman
Nam Nguyen
Blaze Pattison
Donald Prior
Elizabeth Rinehart
Steve Dodge
Courtney Kim
Dave Jones
Braden Berriman
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
Mike and Debbie Hoffman
Kirk Laughlin
Carrie Bowman
Sherry and David Grindeland
Sheryl Nelson
Tony Slee
Jodi Gamble
Claire Mars
Austin Lewis
Heather Sullivan
WA Low Income Housing Alliance
Birgit Amundson
Kathleen Banks
Cynthia Bixby and Alex Modelski
Michael Cavaliere
Troy Drawz
Roy and Maryann Huhs
Angela Newman
Robert Steed
David Winans
Judith Wong
Noah Kittelson
Robert and Wendy Hatheway
Susan Atkins
Greg Boone
Brenda Cooper
Kim Loveall Price and John Price
Cheryl Roe
United Way of Snohomish County
Melanie Breitbach
Leianne Flynn
David Elliott
Kristin Covey
David Gordon
Lori and Jack Morrison
Valerie Rosman
Karren Johnson
Sam and Peter Peterson
Craig Recob
Roy Hella
Matt Ellison
Elizabeth Glenn
Kristi Kludsikofsky
Jody and Kevin Connolly
Vannessa Fusi
Iris Wolfe
Jerry and Carolyn Haralson
Emily Kragh
Alonzo Mitz
James Parkerson
Catherine Chase
Rick and Kandy Holley
Maria Lubienski
Jonathan Cooper
Jessica Allen
Dave Boyd
Jennifer and Kurt Fischer
Amazon Smile
Leah Ganis
Douglas D Hoople
Cindy and James McKee
David and Kendra Mills
Pete Rainey and Lora Cox
Sharmila and Keith Swenson
Payman Arabshahi
Anabelle Betita
Marsha Burdick
Brad Carver
Kendall and Blaine Carver
Lucas Clyde
Kari Dart
Debbie Dodd
Patti Donohue
Cheri Fowler
Marina Garrett
Richard Ho
April Hoang
Sarah Jakle
Cheryl Johnson
Hannah Kimball
James Kudella
Mike Langdon
Heidi McIlroy
Lauren Mincin
Sharon Perez
Carrie Poppelaars
Wendy Redding
Kathy Schroeder
Jahir Shah
Mimi Slyngstad
Srivats Srinivasan
Lai Fang Tan
Mariamne Weights
Elizabeth and Colin White
Erika Wolfe
Shaun Wolfe
Clay France
Marc Leef
SarahChristie Rydell
Sarah Stiteler
Nathan Tucker
Elizabeth Wicks
John and Sandra Andresen
Jennifer Ho
Devin Sinha
Renay Ferguson
Megan Adams
Rizwan Ali
Katherine and Sam Al-Khoury
Charles Bomgren
David Brog
Cynde Brooks
Stephanie Brooks
Alan and Christina Burnett
Stuart Campbell
Samantha Chen
Lisa Clarke
Jason Cohen
Steve and Shauna Fitzgerald
Gretchen Galer
Ron Gehrke
Rhonda Gilligan
Sibyl Glasby
Sallie Herling
Sarah Herr
Benjamin Housen
Fred Hume
Greg Hunter
Marilyn Iverson
Kimberly Kapustein
T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Laird Laabs
Dianne and Dick Lee
LaRee Lewis
Christina Macdonald
Sarah McReynolds
Raamez Mohandessi
Carol Muecke
Robert E. Neate
Larry Norton
Bruce Ryan
Sara Sandford
Harneet Sapra
Scott Schreffler
Nadia Tinoco Duran
American Association of University Women, Issaquah Branch
Beverly Vernon
Debora Wilhelm
Tyler Wilson
Gaerda Zeiler
Paul Sausville
Marci Taylor
Lorrie Kendall Walter
Rick Quirin
Maria McDonald McNamar
Tory Bray
Catarina Tarvin
Julia Brewer
Carol Lindor
Al Gabay
John Hudson
Matt Johnson
Robert and Sharon Loeffler
Micaela Osuji
Adam Plenkovich
Deborah Radford
Dennis Amonsen
Tom Daves
Kathleen Graves
Ken Fish
Bruce Zhong
David Marcrander
Bo Bowell
Allan and Beth Las
Zohreh Laverriere
Alisa Chatinsky
Cori Benson
Sarah Bilgic
Alison Birmingham and Geoff Spelman
Lyndsay Crowley
Susan Davis
Deborah Flint
Sarah Gore
Kellyn Holt
Elisa Kang
Luke Langdon
Anthony Mohammed
Chris Morris
Gina Perez
Lucie Persson
Brett Smuckler
Becky Stendal
Marc Stiles
Dwaina Tembreull
Demi Waitley
Ann Winegarden
John Alsop
Michal Casberg
Emma Dixon
Courtney Hellem
Margaret McReynolds
Cleo Mozena
Stephanie Parrott
Jessica Suarez
Julie Bliss Baima
Pete Bergeron
Joy Blake
Mary-Alyce Burleigh
Kristina Busa
John Carmichael
Natalia Carvajal
Andrea Cescolini
Andrey Chudnovskiy
DeAnne Dodson and Valerie Fogel
Katy Flaherty
Maggie Goodman
Heidi Gorle
Roy Kennedy
Melissa Kroskie
Daniel Leef
Tim Marymee
Sally Ongaro
Kirsten Roth
Greg Stacy
Karrie Trengove
Wenbo Wei
Ryan Haines
David Jones, Jr.
Ranillo Malapitan
Tom and Michele Parsons
Joe Taflin
Dan White
Regina and Eric Meyer
Dave and Chari Avolio
Colby Gaston
Patrick Hillis
Colin Phill
Robert and Nancy Jacobs
Ritu Beri
Anthony Esposito
Vu Tuan Hoang
Lavana Edwards
Justin Hogue
Jillaire Ingebretsen
Jessica Lee
Vartika Mehta
Elizabeth Sowle
Marcia Townsend
Erin Wada
Storey Winder
Erin Woltz
Diane Charouhas
Anne E McReynolds
Amanda Meade
Kristin Saladin
Mike Anderson
Lauren Ballinger
Jen Beatty
Mike Behn
Esther Christoffersen
Dave Corbin
Jon Dinsmore
Catherine Dutton
Cora Eifert
Jean Foss
Gerry Fredo
Jeff Gengler
Greg Ginther
Jessie Go
Lauren Gonzalez
Weston Henderson
Vernell Hollingsworth
Marcia Jones
Nick Jonson
Jeff Leary
Hannu Liinakoski
Stephanie Lincoln
Liz Maloney
Keith Milone
Craig Mitchell
LaToya Murphy
Jerry Norsby
Ruta Patil
Katie Ross
Madalyn Rustagi
Stacy Scharf
Susan Seiler
Michael Shelton
Miranda Shultz
Serene Smart
Michael Soto
Tony Striefel
Jason Tolentino
Liz Tomasch
Brian Tuskan
Max Zarosinski
Debbie Heard
Makinna Belvoir
Constance Davis
Khalil Varner
Barbara Rae Ramey
Janelle Chamberland
Katie Kahle
Brandon Moore

Meet Kevin


Not worrying about housing frees up time and resources in other areas, because that’s something I don’t have to worry about much. I am now free to go and help other people. It’s a win-win situation. Helping one person out of homelessness lets them go and help someone else out of homelessness.”Duke, Veteran and graduate of the Andrew’s Glen Transitional Veterans Housing Program