2019 Raise the Roof Volunteer Sign Up

2019 marks the inaugural year of Raise the Roof, a fun-filled night for everyone to make some noise for affordable housing. We rely on volunteers to make our events a success! With your help, we’ll be closer to our Imagine 1000 goal of doubling our impact to serve 2,400 people by 2022 in 1,000 apartment homes.

Wednesday, October 2nd at the Pickering Barn in Issaquah

Due to the nature of this event, all volunteers must be 21+

More information about the event can be found on the event page.

If you would like to help with his event, fill out the volunteer interest form on this page.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers needed: 10
These volunteers will be doing all the heavy lifting (seriously!) We need folks who are able to come in the afternoon of the event to assist with table arrangements, decorate, prepare registration and hang signage.

Registration and Cashiering
Volunteers needed: 10
These are the first faces our guests see. This team checks everyone in, which includes setting up a credit card, providing name tags, and checking ids for all guests. This integral group ensures everyone feels welcome, pays, and is ready for a fun night!

Volunteers needed: 4
The most outgoing role at the Auction! Working individually, raffle volunteers will move throughout the room selling raffle tickets to give guests a chance to win a great prize. After the raffle concludes, you get to part of the show by displaying the 4 incredible prizes up on the stage during the raffle drawings!

Stage Manager
Volunteers needed: 1
A highly organized volunteer will be working to ensure our speakers are prepared and ready to speak the night of the event. This volunteer will also make sure that the raffle ticket boxes and raffle items are brought to the stage and presented to the raffle winner. 

Water Monitor/Floater
Volunteers needed: 1
This role helps assist with water stations, ensuring they are full and communicating to staff if they need to be filled. This role will also serve as a floater and provide assistance to other volunteer roles as necessary.

Volunteers needed: 4
Observant and organized volunteers needed to support our emcee during the Special Appeal portion of the event! Document the bids and confirm bids for guests. Must be able to work quickly, documenting each of those who bid the night of the event!

Volunteers needed: 1-2
Volunteer your time and talents to help us capture photos of the event throughout the evening. Volunteers must be experienced photographers, be comfortable shooting indoors in low light, and bring their own camera and equipment.