The need for affordable housing has never been greater

Grandma getting a kiss from granddaughter“I live on $776 a month (from Social Security disability). That’s it. My rent is $203. That includes heat, garbage, water and TV. I’m comfortable, I’m warm, and I’m lucky.”
Imagine Housing resident

The increasingly high cost of living in East King County is forcing families to move into areas with no transportation, few job opportunities and little personal security. In the worst cases, these families – along with vulnerable people like veterans and seniors – end up hopeless and homeless.

Imagine Housing is creating solutions to this problem by bringing affordable housing to East King County.  We combat issues like:

8% of Eastside households earn less than 30% of the area’s median income. (A Regional Coalition for Housing, Housing 101 East King County, May 2011)

A wage of $34.63 per hour is needed for a single parent to afford the $1,801 average rent for an apartment in Kirkland. Minimum wage in Washington State in 2013 is $9.19 per hour. (Calculated based on average rent in Kirkland in 2012, assuming that housing is affordable if its costs do not exceed 30% of a household’s income)

34% of all households in East King County pay more than 30% of their income toward rent. (A Regional Coalition for Housing, Housing 101 East King County, May 2011)

$2,044 is the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in West Bellevue (vs. $1,362 in King County).

More than half of homeless families in King County reported that they became homeless because of high housing prices. (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Sound Families Initiative Report, Summer 2008)

1 in 10 families in East King County are low income.  Yet affordable housing units make up less that 1 in 100 available homes. (A Regional Coalition for Housing, Housing 101 East King County, May 2011)

“Bellevue is a caring community, full of wonderful people.  But too many of us sometimes take for granted what others may only imagine: a safe, stable roof over their heads.  Imagine Housing steps in to provide affordable rental homes to people  who are struggling.  That doesn’t just help the homeless and low-income people served by Imagine Housing.  It benefits each and every resident of our community by making Bellevue more livable, more welcoming and more vibrant for us all”
Conrad Lee, Mayor of Bellevue