Adult services enrich the lives of residents

The people who reside in Imagine Housing communities come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. But they all have one thing in common with each other – and with all their neighbors in East King County. Every family, every senior, every veteran, child and individual wants to live a meaningful life.

A stable home in an Imagine Housing community gives our residents a great head start on their dreams. The supportive services we provide help them maintain their housing and improve their opportunities. Our well-trained and caring staff provides referrals for a multitude of resources while also offering trainings, workshops and community-building events. From learning to better manage their budgets to getting help in writing resumes to enriching their spirits through art and culture, Imagine Housing residents are living fuller and richer lives.

Mom holding baby son“The self-defense class [I recently attended] was educational and fun! I learned so much and it’s a class that I think about all the time. I know tips now on how to protect myself and I have become more aware of my surroundings. Thank you!” Resident at Rose Crest