MaryAnn’s Story

MaryAnn is a resident at Rose Crest with a disability that leaves her unable to drive.  Because of her disability, she has many doctors’ appointments to attend throughout the week and has to have the Metro Access bus pick her up at her home because there is not a bus stop within walking distance for her.

MaryAnn came into the office one day extremely overwhelmed—her paycheck came in behind schedule, which left her unable to pay her utility bill on time, she had no money to pay the Access bus to pick her up for her 3 appointments the following day, and she was in a lot of pain from a tooth she needed fixed.  Because of the supportive services offered through the Resident Services program, MaryAnn was able to access a community resource that was willing to pay her entire utility bill.  She was also able to make an appointment to have complimentary dental work done by a dentist in the community who provides services free of charge for some Imagine Housing residents.  The Resident Services Coordinator at Rose Crest was also able to purchase tickets for the Access bus so that MaryAnn could attend her appointments the following day.  The supportive services that Imagine Housing offers their residents  give those residents a sense of stability.  In times of stress, they are given the tools they need to access the resources that keep them stable in their housing and in their health.