John’s Story

Veteran JohnJohn was one of the first veterans that moved to Andrew’s Glen from a homeless shelter last fall.  Before becoming homeless, he had been living in Redmond in a beautiful apartment complex and had a new car.  He was working full time and feeling good about where he was in life.  Sadly, the plant John worked for closed and he lost his job. John started his difficult job search during the terrible crash in the economy and couldn’t find work.  His physical health was deteriorating greatly at this time as well.  He was able to pay his bills for a while with his unemployment.  When unemployment ran out, he used his money from savings to survive 3 more months in his apartment.  When this ran out though, John became homeless. He spent 11 months sleeping in shelters, unsuccessfully looking for work, and becoming more and more depressed.

When John moved into Andrew’s Glen, he was sad and felt defeated.  The staff started getting to know him and offered him support in navigating services for veterans, health care and other resources he needed.  By the end of his second month at Andrew’s Glen, John seemed like a new man.  He had a bright smile, a fantastic sense of humor and had started losing weight and improving his health. John had the opportunity to move to a permanent apartment at Francis Village.  Since moving to Francis Village, he has continued to improve his health and his spirits.  He finally received news that he will be receiving money from the VA from a head injury he has struggled with for decades.  John greets staff with a huge smile and funny jokes whenever we see him.  He is so thankful for his housing and says that it not only changed his life but saved it.