An attitude of gratitude

Did you see our Facebook post yesterday? If you follow our social media pages, you might’ve seen this short video we posted:

Capture 2.1

As we pause this week to think about all that we are thankful for, our thoughts turn to our wonderful supporters. Without you, our organization would not be able to do this important work. Because of you, we are offering housing to almost 1,300 people and working hard to build more affordable homes on the Eastside so that one day, all our neighbors will have a place to call home.

As the manager of Imagine Housing’s social media pages, I wanted to express how much you mean to us during this season of gratitude and do it in a fun way that might catch your eye as you scroll through your newsfeed. Often, I find myself whittling down my spare time watching videos on Facebook, ranging from informational, to funny, to cute – many Sunday afternoons have been spent watching videos of puppies learning to howl. So when thinking about how we could express our thankfulness to you, I thought a video showing the people that you’re helping would do the trick.

I hope you enjoy this small token of our gratitude.  We are thankful for your support every day.

May you have the happiest of Thanksgivings.

~Monique Vague, Philanthropy Administrator

Welcome Agazi!

Hello everyone!

My name is Agazi and I am a new Resident Support Specialist at Imagine Housing. I started providing supportive services to residents at Johnson Hill, Chalet and Rose Crest this past October. Before my arrival at Imagine Housing, I worked with Family Housing Connection assessing and referring homeless families to shelter and housing resources in King County.

I became interested in Imagine Housing because of its vision to provide affordable housing in Eastside and in supporting residents with maintaining their housing and achieving their personal goals.

I am excited to be part of this great vision and the dedicated Imagine Housing staff!

~Agazi Zewde, Resident Support Specialist

Welcome Shayla!

Hello Imagine Housing supporters!

My name is Shayla Humphrey, and I am the new Resident Support Specialist at Andrew’s Glen. I started working at Andrew’s Glen in October and am busy scheduling appointments and posting flyers for community events. I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in American Cultural Studies and a double minor in Sociology, and Law and Diversity.  Following graduation, I moved to Walla Walla to become an AmeriCorps volunteer. While serving there, I did work for a non-profit that helps teenagers deal with substance use.

What really sparked my interest in applying for a position at Imagine Housing, was the history of the organization as a small non-profit that has grown throughout the years. I value entities that can identify needs in their communities and put action behind them. I am very grateful for an opportunity to work at Andrews Glen and having the ability to assist with case management for our veterans living at this apartment community.

~Shayla Humphrey, Resident Support Specialist

Appreciation for our wonderful volunteers

One of the things I really appreciate about working for Imagine Housing is that we don’t do this work in isolation.  We have incredible resources from many individuals who volunteer their valuable time, expertise, and insights so that we can provide the best housing and services possible to the people we serve.  As a member of the Finance team I have perhaps the least glamorous role in the organization – keeping track of the numbers.  Although I find the work I do very stimulating and interesting, that is not the case for many people.  That is why I am particularly thankful for the wonderful group of accountants, bankers, and industry experts who have served on the Finance and Audit Committees with me over the years.  They have spent many hours sifting through variance reports, cash flow projections, budgets, audits, and policies to ensure that Imagine Housing is using its financial resources in a responsible and transparent manner.  They also help us craft the way we present this information so that these reports are useful and informative to our boards, funders and to other stakeholders – not always an easy task.

This gratitude is truly felt by all of us at Imagine Housing.  We could only accomplish a small fraction of the work that we do without the support of all the people who give so generously of their time and knowledge in both big and small ways – serving on our boards or a committee, painting a community room, helping a child with homework, cooking a meal, setting up for the Auction, teaching a class to residents, and many more things that touch and change lives.

So thank you.  These words are insufficient for expressing the extent of our appreciation for all that our wonderful volunteers do each and every day.  You are the best!

~Sue Bliven, Director of Finance

Property improvements in 2015

With the fall season now upon us, we are celebrating the completion of the final touches of our property improvement projects for 2015. Below are just a few of the projects completed:

This summer, Mine Hill and Johnson Hill received exterior repainting with some siding clean up and repairs and the result was transformational for these properties. We repaired and replaced asphalt and curbs at Terrace Hill which took care of several areas that were starting to develop potholes or had been damaged by tree roots. And some of the buildings at Andrew’s Heights received new roofs.

United Way’s Day of Caring was held at Highland Gardens this year and we had a fantastic volunteer group from Microsoft. Using paving stones, we created beautiful walkways where dirt paths used to be. These paths will be easy to maintain and blend in nicely with the grass – the residents were thrilled with the completion of this project.

In all, we’ve spent $335,260 this year on capital improvements. Since 2010, we have spent $2.2 million on capital projects at our properties. We are committed to keeping our communities in top shape so residents and our community can continue to take pride in them and so they can remain affordable, permanent homes for many years.

This year several projects were made possible for the first time through use of our new SUSTAIN fund created by our Foundation for the Future Campaign. We are very grateful to have this additional source of funds to draw from. Combined with funds from efficient property operations, we look forward to completing many more such projects in years to come.

~Suzanne Koval, Director of Assets

New walking paths at Highland Gardens                                    Completed painting at Johnson Hill and Mine Hill