Farms for Life

This summer Imagine Housing started an amazing partnership with Farms for Life. Farms for Life is a non-profit that works with local farmers to purchase their excess produce and redistribute it to their community partners. We joined Farms for Life at the end of June and it runs through October 11th. This is their longest season so far!

So far this year we are serving 6 of our 13 properties with the produce we receive from Farms for Life. The response from our residents has been positive at each property, and our residents love the variety of produce they get each week. It is amazing to have conversations with our residents about what Kohlrabi (in the cabbage family) is or a Lemon Cucumber (a sweeter version of a cucumber that you can almost eat like an apple).

Each week, I distribute to Kirkland Plaza. Our residents are waiting outside for me to arrive and come to help me unload my car and set up the produce. I love getting to see their faces when they see the quality and type of produce come through each week. I know that fresh produce for many of our residents is something that can feel out of reach and this is a way to help support them. None of this would be possible without the support we receive each week from Farms for Life. I look forward to the growing season next year and what the future holds for us and our new partnership.

– Amanda Sherry, Resident Services Manager

Visit our Facebook page to see photos from our Farms for Life partnership.

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